Canvas, wood, and plastic, Courtesy The Menil Collection. Photo: Zeno Zotti
“Untitled, 2009” Canvas, wood, and plastic, Courtesy The Menil Collection. Photo: Zeno Zotti

Ok, so I have been known to rant on occasion. These moments just come from me having a strong opinion about something and I need to get it out. Understand that whenever I express my opinion, it is only that; an opinion. I do not believe I am right and that everyone should agree… I am simply expressing myself.

I like to think I know a little about a lot. But the one thing I do know a lot about is art. I first picked up a pencil and drew at the age of 2, studied art in college and work and teach art now. I know art. I have strong opinions about art… I believe art should be enjoyed by everyone. Art should be direct. Simple. Easy to relate to. That even if you only identify with the color, the subject matter, even just the scale of the work, you should be able to identify with it. You should be able to appreciate the artist’s talents. To be asked to understand the artist’s THOUGHT process asks too much of the viewer.

That being said, I stumbled upon this artist and this particular piece bother’s me. This piece by Maurizio Cattelan called Untitled, 2009, just completely escapes me.

How is this art? Anyone could have done this as it’s just objects. Is it art because a reasonably famous artist says so? I look at it and just see a blank canvas and a broom. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Mr. Cattelan and obviously he can do what pleases as he is a successful artist, but I just don’t understand art like this. I want to be wowed in some way when I look at art.


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