“…Despite Having Nothing, he’s Thankful for Everything”

Kindness Blog

‘sir_a_ris’ wrote:This is Mr. Roger. I met him over Christmas break one morning on my way to work when he fell over and could not get up. After helping him up he talked for me while I waited for my bus. See, the thing about Mr. Roger is that he’s homeless at age 69, has a pacemaker, and no family. He’s been homeless for about 4 years. Despite his homelessness, while we were sitting he offered me food and some water as thanks. Never has a homeless person actually offered me anything.

a homeless man's kindness

Since then we’ve grown to be friends. Through our interactions I’ve learned just how good of a person he is. Everything from collecting cans and bottles and putting them under benches for other homeless people to placing granola bars that were given to him (which he couldn’t eat) neatly on a bench for others who were…

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