Change is good

2014-02-14 07.03.50

“Col du Simon” outside my front gate.

I’m making a huge effort to embrace change. ANY kind of change. Admittedly I am a creature of habit, as are all humans, but I’m learning that if I can embrace change, I can be happier. Change is all around us and I’ve begun LOOKING for change in places where I used to HOPE things would not change.

So much of life is uncontrollable and any stress that we have is not because of what happens, but because of how WE react to what happens. Even interacting with people and what we feel from the difficult times isn’t the fault of others… we choose how we react and feel.

I used to be SOOO obsessed with the weather and how to prepare for what is coming. Why? I can’t stop it. NO ONE can predict it. And the weather on the east coast this year has been AWFUL. Sure, I can buy salt for the walkways and make sure I have a shovel, but beyond that what can I do? Nothing. The thing is; accepting weather is being comfortable with change because there is always a 50% chance of ANYTHING happening outside!!


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