Buddha,-the-Enlightened-OneTo those who read my posts and enjoy them. A great many of them come from a website I visit daily, I always give them credit for what I post here and just want you all to know that I share them just because I find they help me and maybe they’ll help someone else. I DO NOT  take credit for the wonderful words that shares and just want to be honest about what I am sharing.

I really loved today’s post entitled “Anew”.

– – –

I feel that it is very important to live each moment anew-living each new moment cleansed of our yesterday judgments of others. (I don’t mean to become a gullible idiot-Wisdom plays a part as we should know when it is appropriate to “refer” to a person by past personal judgments of him.)

Living each moment anew and “freshly reborn” would be to give ourselves and and others infinite chance and forgiveness. It also means giving ourselves limitless space to explore possibilities. Don’t judge when you need not judge. The nasty guy who knocked into you yesterday without an apology should not receive a confirmed verdict by you mentally as a condemned nasty guy. Live your next encounter with him anew without the past judgment and you might realise that he is basically a good guy who was then in a bad mood. If you were to stubbornly believe that his true nature is lousy, what good can that do? Would you want to live with that judgment of him forever? Is it fair?

It is perhaps the easiest to forget to live our daily encounters with our family members and close friends anew. Is Mum a diehard nagger? Or is it just you that are a diehard believer that she is a diehard nagger? We have to remember the universal characteristic of Anatta (or the truth of non-personality, non-self)- there is essentially no fixed self-nature in anything as everything changes constantly. Keeping this in mind helps us to be more forgiving.

No-we don’t need another life to live anew. A new life can begin now.

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