Value of a Day



Value of a Day

I figure that a day can be considered well-lived if it was well-spent. Well-spent could be defined as well utilised in helping oneself and/or others improve in some way or other. The Daily Enlightenment) was started to encourage us all to truly learn at least one spiritual lesson each day. It can’t be too demanding, can it? Isn’t it important to remember what we want to live each day for? 365 days in a year can well be 365 small but steady steps towards Enlightenment and True Happiness, or 365 steps back and forth the path to liberation, leading more or less back to the square one of the same old unwholesome habits and views… One day, when you get old, you may just look back in exasperation and horror, realising that you had been strutting up and down the same path all along, and never really reached anywhere.

May we truly learn at least one important lesson daily-and make that lesson learnt part of our nature. It is like a good hard swipe to polish the dusty gem of our pure Buddha-nature. In that part wiped, may no more dust ever alight again. All this works step by step, degree by degree… One day, the total gem will be revealed. Aren’t we dense and thick with the dust of ignorance? Isn’t it time to put in consistent effort to clear it? What is the value of each day? What is the value of today? Seize the day-seize today! Discover the value… and value it!  Why not start a personal spiritual diary where you pen your own enlightenments each night? It will chart your spiritual growth as the days of your life go by. Just a crazy thought, but it wouldn’t be too bad if we “train” ourselves to question how we lived each day such that we will only sleep well if we discovered an important lesson learnt that day! That would be like developing a spiritual conscience!

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